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Intentional Awakening Retreat in Mexico, October 2-9, 2017

The Intentional Awakening Retreat(R) is unique and this is your invitation to that mind-blowing, life-enriching experience. Here you will be provided, in a soothing environment, with everything you need to realize what you are, what you aren’t and what is actually going on in life.

A comprehensive set of powerful tools, both ancient and modern, will be masterfully employed to facilitate an awakening, to what is. We will utilize shamanic medicines, carefully passed down for millennia and will apply an amazing technology that was invented for the sole purpose of exploring consciousness while inducing a restful, natural state. The Ajna Light is a tool using pure light and frequencies of harmony and balance to decalcify the pineal gland to allow the unfoldment of a highly visual expanding awareness.

We will have dance and movement to enliven the body and direct pointing sessions to look at the mind and learn how it creates our experience of life. We will work with spirit and the heart to explore and discover, together as a group, and will also have personal time for introspection and integration.

Awakening to non-separateness, deep joy, personal peace and love does not come without effort. It’s an ongoing endeavor that presents us with challenges and compels us to examine reality again and again.

Intention and readiness are key factors in advancing in one’s journey. Having a clear, focused commitment to awaken is saying, “Enough!” to all the limitations and noise that conceal the true nature of life. Intention is the laser that cuts through all the illusions that have interfered with having a peaceful, balanced and harmonious life. Readiness is a declaration of willingness to learn and grow, now and from here onward.

Awakening is an event followed by a journey. If we are still here, then we have not yet completed our ever-evolving inquiry. There is more livingness to explore: more space to expand into, more clarity to achieve, more insights to gain and more joy and wisdom to share.

Since the setting for this retreat is the beautiful and exotic Mayan jungle, you will be close to nature and appreciate a deeper and growing connection to life force and the elements throughout your stay.

To complement the stimulating and illuminating daily activities, local bounty will be lovingly transformed, by the hosts of the retreat facility, into delectable and nutritious meals.

After this extraordinary week of wonder, you will feel refreshed, reborn and ready to rejoin your regular, day-to-day activities. You will be able to quickly and easily make any required key changes that will keep you progressing toward your ultimate destiny with new energy, purpose and vision.  


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Liberation Unleashed Intensive Retreat, Worthing, UK, January 2017

Click here to find out all the details on Ilona’s next retreat coming up.

Here is an invitation to step into the fire of Truth. This fire will burn all that is untrue, leaving you with a pure sense of being, aliveness, and raw openness to what is. 

I have held many meetings since 2012 and really enjoyed them. Every meeting was unique, with different questions asked, and different people coming. This time I will do an intensive three-day retreat. It will take place at the same Friends Meeting House in Worthing. This will be my last offering in the UK. The retreat will start on Friday evening and continue till Sunday night. This retreat is going to be focused on self-realization and clearing all the blockages that may stand in the way of recognition.

Awakening is a two-fold process of recognizing that you are not a what you think you are and realizing that the life process does not stop, that there is aliveness, being, an openness that is always here, now, no matter how it seems. This process does not take you away from humanness, but rather brings awakening into everyday ordinary life. Integration of awakening is an ongoing process.

FULL DETAILS: Click here Ilona’s next retreat coming up.

“A unique guiding experience by Ilona . It has been my fortune that Life in the form of Ilona and  diverse Beings beings met in one space as one mind sharing without inhibition all that makes this One existence so beautiful. Ilona, is a wonderful guide, rather than a teacher, carefully nurturing you to your Self in quiet and peace. Some laughter and  tears as some of the embodiment and realisation played out . How easily and joyfully we shared . The Ajna light, perfectly controlled by Ilona’s husband Mantas underscored enhanced an already exeptianal experience, resting in medative sounds and extroadinary visions. Thank YOU Ilona and Mantas.”


“It was very nice to attend your retreat and to see your passion in action. Your energy used in direct pointing opened up the deeper issues for everybody and it was nice to see how the group became a center of silence, inner focus and release. A place where nothing was unwanted and everyone was welcome no matter their issues. A moment of truth and healing. Thank you”

“I have just stepped out the other side of the most wonderful three-day retreat led by Ilona in Worthing, UK. I cannot praise it highly enough. For a start, it was an insight into quite how generous-spirited Ilona is. The week-end was characterised by an atmosphere of kindness as there was a lot of focus on the Heart  Everyone bought valuable insights or gifts to the retreat. Altogether a very beautiful experience spent together. Though there were quite a few of us it felt as though there was one mind or heart.
Both evenings there was a group session using the Ajna light and beneficial effect of this is hard to describe, it is so beautiful. Added to this, Mantas supervised individual light sessions for each person. Thanks Ilona and Mantas, for putting together such a lovely event.”
Jon Rice, Brighton.

Liberation Unleashed Retreat Testimonials

I very much enjoyed the recent retreat in Worthing, UK.

Me and Krysia travelled from Hereford in the morning and with very little traffic on the road we arrived quickly in Worthing.  After parking-up and settling in to our accommodation we went for a walk along the sea-front.  This was our third visit to Worthing, the place becoming more familiar each time.  Our previous visits had been during the Summer months.

We awoke early on the morning of the retreat.  I opened the window, the air was cold and frosty.  Joggers and roller-skaters were not put off by the temperature – just 1 degree above freezing!

I gave Krysia a quick kiss and we parted.  I walked towards Mill Road whilst she went to the town centre.

The sun was shining brightly as I headed towards the meeting place.  With time to spare I walked into Goring and had some breakfast at the ‘Lazy Brunch Kitchen’.  The waitress asked “What can I get you my darling?”  Wow! I thought. What a start to the day.  The nice things in life don’t always have to come with a big price tag.

Anyway.  Soon I found myself approaching the Friends Meeting House.  I felt like I was coming home in a strange sort of way.

It was nice to see Ilona again along with Lawrence and Jon R whom I remember from the previous meeting there.

Sitting in the group I immediately felt a kind of energy surging around, an attunement to one-another it seemed.  There was much ‘tears and laughter’ as everyone had a chance to sit in the chair alongside Ilona and ‘spit it all out’.  In doing this, everyone was offering a gift to the rest of the group.  It was nice when one lady shared with us how she felt back at New Year’s Eve time.

Ilona allowed the group a chance to air  all  thoughts and stories about future and past , then and only then came a silence in the room.  This silence demanded nothing from us.  It was free, natural and loving.

This beautiful intimate silence came naturally at Ilona’s meeting.  It is something which you just would not experience at the big, highly organised money spinning events that occur in the Spiritual market place.

Ilona’s husband Mantas personally set me up to experience the Ajna Light.  It was  very relaxing and there were periods when I felt that I had disappeared during the session.

At the meeting Ilona asked me if I was happy now!  Yes, I was.

It was a life-changing meeting for me and I shall always remember it.

After the meeting, it was back out into the cold and time to navigate my way back to the hotel in Worthing town centre where Krysia was patiently waiting.  Everything was different in the dark and the fog.  In my confusion I silently asked for guidance and upon looking up l saw a Fox crossing Grand Avenue.  Thanks, I said silently to the Fox.  I followed the Fox until the bright lights of the petrol station appeared and we went our separate ways.

Good Luck and big Thank you to Ilona and Mantas from me and Krysia and the rest of the UK.  We are all under the same stars!

Discover how to unravel the false sense of a separate self

At the center of your existence

Liberation Unleashed is a lively, fresh, and moving account of the author’s own searching, liberation, and transformation, woven together with the stories of fellow seekers and a clear exposition of the simple, focused tools you can use to go through the “gateless gate.” With its conversational tone, provocative questions, and the presentation of the seven steps—“Clearing the path—meeting the fear,” “Strip away ALL expectations,” “Get in touch with the real,” “‘I’ is a thought,” “There is no separate self,” “How does it feel to see this?” and “Falling”—this book serves as an introductory how-to guide, demonstrating how to use the process of self-inquiry to get free from the falseness of the separate self and realize a blissful oneness.

So many of us go through life feeling isolated, searching for ourselves, or seeking a more authentic reality through religion, spirituality, or other, more unconventional means of expanding consciousness. Now, with this book and its guiding principles, you’ll learn how to look deeply into the nature of self and existence; combat the anxieties, fears, mental blocks, and reservations that can arise in self-inquiry; and see the simple beauty of the everyday moment.