Practical Help To Open Your Heart and Live in Freedom

Deep Looking

I am offering one one one deep looking sessions. The session usually takes around an hour. It is best to have time for yourself, where you feel safe and not going to be disturbed. In the session, I will ask you questions that will allow you to see exactly what patterns run in your system and what can be released. It works on a very deep level and is very gentle, loving approach.

If you feel stuckness, inability to move forward, some pressing life issues, the unrest of the mind and chronic symptoms in the body, it’s all because of some unconscious mind patterns that are not serving you. This can be examined and released easily using the Deep Looking method.

You can read about it in my new book or on my blog.

If you like to book a session, please contact me with your time zone and preferred times.

The session is done over text IM messages, or audio/video on Skype or WhatsApp.

I am planning to do group sessions online, which are even more powerful than individual sessions, as the whole group can support you and hold the space. If you are interested in participating in such groups, please contact me and I can let you know when the sessions will start.

Should you feel so inclined, it is possible to make a donation here:

Discover how to unravel the false sense of a separate self

At the center of your existence

Liberation Unleashed is a lively, fresh, and moving account of the author’s own searching, liberation, and transformation, woven together with the stories of fellow seekers and a clear exposition of the simple, focused tools you can use to go through the “gateless gate.” With its conversational tone, provocative questions, and the presentation of the seven steps—“Clearing the path—meeting the fear,” “Strip away ALL expectations,” “Get in touch with the real,” “‘I’ is a thought,” “There is no separate self,” “How does it feel to see this?” and “Falling”—this book serves as an introductory how-to guide, demonstrating how to use the process of self-inquiry to get free from the falseness of the separate self and realize a blissful oneness.

So many of us go through life feeling isolated, searching for ourselves, or seeking a more authentic reality through religion, spirituality, or other, more unconventional means of expanding consciousness. Now, with this book and its guiding principles, you’ll learn how to look deeply into the nature of self and existence; combat the anxieties, fears, mental blocks, and reservations that can arise in self-inquiry; and see the simple beauty of the everyday moment.