New Tools For Expanding Consciousness

We live in very exciting times. It is wonderful to see that technology is going along with spirituality and we have amazing new tools to explore consciousness.

Back in September 2016 I was introduced to two very powerful inventions. Immediately I knew that both have tremendous potential and are going to be so helpful in my personal exploration. I had an opportunity to experience Ajna light, created by Guy Harriman and Swiss Bionic Solutions product, Omnium 1, designed by Wolfgang Jaksch.

These two inventions stand individually but combined, they have a very powerful effect. I have experienced both on their own and together, it felt like every cell of the body is being charged, there was an immense sensation of balance and being grounded, there was a sensation of openness, readiness for anything and joy of exploration.

You can read about my Ajna Light experience here.

If you like to book a session for both Ajna Light and PEMF healing mat, please send me an email. I am currently in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen.

Omnium 1 Body Mat

The omnium 1 body mat is cutting edge technology developed by NASA. This is pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) device that is designed to feed cells right frequency, the frequency of the Earth. We live in a world saturated by electromagnetic fields coming from mobile phones, wifi, computers, which are not natural and even harmful for our bodies. We don’t see these fields but they contribute to how we feel, how much energy we have the diseases and depression. PEMF may not only cancel bad frequencies but nourishes, recharges, regenerates and relaxes the body. It’s like a sci-fi healing device, only it is available now and it really works. There is a lot of information on Internet about PEMF benefits, which include detoxification, anti-inflammatory effect, speeding up of healing, anti ageing etc.

Ajna Light

The Ajna Light is a powerful new technology that is designed to help us clear the mind, decalcify pineal gland and enable our consciousness to expand. It works on opening the mind and heart, which means that every session is completely unique, it gives you exactly your body and mind need at that moment. There is further information on, there are also scientific explanations and testimonials from people who have experienced it. I am also happy to answer any questions that you have and can organize an online Q&A the inventor, Guy Harriman.

Guy Harriman brought this light to us to benefit humanity, to help us to experience what it is like to live life when our brain is nourished and exercised. It’s very interesting that scientists are now finding out that light is food for the brain. This technology has the capability to give our brains the full nutrition and exercises they need so that our brain can develop new skills and expand into optimal health. This has got such a huge potential with amazing benefits for your everyday life, I highly recommend looking further into the Ajna Light.


Feel free to join Ajna Light Community and Ajna Light Mexico facebook groups

These devices are new tools for clearing old and no longer useful patterns, unconditioning the mind and releasing stress from the body so that we can enjoy perfect health, clarity and thrive as we were born to do. This is truly a very exciting time as we can really take charge of our wellbeing and open up to new possibilities, that we are only beginning to imagine.

If you are interested in this technology, you can contact me and I will share my personal experiences and answer any questions you may have.

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