Intentional Awakening Retreat, October 2017, Mexico


The Intentional Awakening Retreat is all about fusion.

What happens when you have a great tool? You use it and use it, until it stops working so well, and then you find your next tool- whatever works for you. At one point or another it can be a book, a guru, a teacher on YouTube, aroma therapy, fitness, sacred geometry, crystals, solfeggio frequencies, psychedelics or anything else that may show up for your personal exploration. While our own path is unique, we also use others’ experience to grow, to learn, and to use as our own tools, in our own way.

Some tools are for deconstructing beliefs in the mind and others are for deconstructing tensions in the body. So looking at it in this way, many tools are very useful, but none of them is complete. We are then compelled to blend them into a customized cocktail that becomes uniquely ours.

Intention is the drive that makes the tools we find, appear in our experience. What are you looking to do with your life? What drives you? The answers to these questions determine which experience advances you on your journey. Not having any intention can lead to sitting on the sofa, doing nothing all day, for months. And there’s nothing wrong with that if some time is simply needed to deeply rest. But if you’d like to have some magic in your life, you better have an intention for that also. You can at least meet it half way.

The Intentional Awakening Retreat will give you extraordinary tools. You can dive in as deeply as you are ready to go. It’s your time to really focus on what’s most important for you. Working with a group not only adds a great feeling of companionship and friendship, it also creates group transformation as well.  We can see each other’s shadows and support their dissolution in a loving way.

These are all the tools that will be available:

  • Direct pointing with Ilona Ciunaite
  • Groove dancing with Misty Tripoli
  • Shamanic medicines with Ha Yuama, Demetrio and Angie
  • Ajna Light with Narimantas
  • Sound healing
  • A sweat lodge
  • Flower Healing therapy
  • Nutritious food


Direct Pointing and Deep Looking

Ilona Ciunaite is one of the founders of the Liberation Unleashed movement and has a real skill in pointing the way out of our confusion by asking key questions. Direct pointing is a conversation between a seeker and a guide. No prior knowledge or years of seeking are required. The guide poses very specific questions in order to focus the attention on the experience of the present moment. This triggers what we refer to as “crossing the Gateless Gate,” an instant in which the illusion of a separate self is seen through. A shift in perception happens. This is about recognizing and knowing absolutely, that there is no separate self, “I,” as an entity that is in charge, experientially. Direct pointing is about seeing “no self,” not as a theory but as undeniable truth. It’s a shift from thinking about what is and how it is, to actually seeing what is.

Deep Looking(R) is Ilona’s own method, that came from a fusion of other tools that she has learned on the journey along her own path. It involves very direct questions to the mind and the heart, listening to what they have to say, being receptive to sensations, releasing unnecessary baggage and giving oneself permission to relax. As its name implies, Deep Looking works on a profound level. While it’s very effective just one-on-one; in a group it’s even more powerful because every time release happens for one participant, everyone else releases automatically along with them. Working with Ilona, you will be able to get to the root of your programming and see what is really happening in the “system.” Then the life-long, painful patterns can cease. You will also learn how to use Deep Looking for yourself alone, with a friend as a pair or with a group.

In essence, Deep Looking is about the heart opening and expanding, so you feel more lightness and love. It’s about finding that place in the heart from which self-love radiates, so it can be accessed anytime. It is about allowing the mind to find peace and letting it withdraw from its tasks that no longer serve. When the mind and heart work together, when they are connected, then the whole experience of being here as a human has a taste of sweetness and a feel of harmony and surrender.  There is a sense of synchronicity, intelligent design, presence and sacredness. This technique is very easy to use. It involves welcoming, thanking, asking questions of structures that arise and being receptive.



The Groove Method

Misty Tripoli is bringing a tool of dance that is a fun, simple and exciting way to nurture your mind, body, heart, and soul.

She started her passionate crusade in 2007 after a very profound personal awakening. She was living in LA, working herself into the ground as one of the most sought after choreographers, instructors and trainers in the area. She appeared to be at the top of her game. Misty was in demand with the biggest companies in her industry, creating custom programs for prominent corporations like Adidas, Nike, YogaWorks, Equinox, Sketchers, Les Mills and others. She was training elite athletes from the NBA and the NFL and choreographing shows and national tours. Misty was great at what she did but she was living a lie. She was suffering from a serious eating disorder. Every day was a new hell with a very secret, obsessive cycle of binging, purging and over-exercising spiraling out of control while trying to maintain the “perfect” appearance. In Los Angeles, for Misty, it was aesthetics on crack!

Then on a rainy evening in 2007, after an episode of throwing up blood, curled up on the bathroom floor, in tears of frustration and defeat, something called from deep down inside her, to just be still and quiet. She did so and what she discovered in the stillness, was so profound, her whole life changed in an instant and she met her true, authentic Self for the first time. The illusion was shattered and the truth became so self-evident that from then on, she dedicated herself to becoming a warrior for Truth.  She was to expose the illusion and lies we have been told and assist in any way possible to help raise the awareness, creativity and consciousness of the planet.

The World Groove MovementTM was founded by Misty Tripoli, Creator of The Groove Method® in 2011, after 20 years of teaching movement, 10 of those traveling the world as a NIKE(R) Elite Trainer, inspiring thousands through her love of dance, truth and higher consciousness.

Her powerful, yet surprisingly simple; method of movement, mindfulness and creativity, that makes dance easy and accessible to everyone, has quickly evolved into a global passion for dance with Groove dancefloors in over 20 countries. The World Groove Movement has become one of the leading voices in the conscious movement revolution.  See more about Misty at


Shamanic Medicines

We will have a tool that has been used for thousands of years to heal, to explore and to have extraordinary experiences. There will be two kinds of medicine and a team of three people administering it. Ha YIMG_0158uama is trained by shamans of the Sonora Desert and has been working with toad medicine for years. Demetrio and Angie will be assisting her.

The toad medicine is very powerful. It is not for everyone and anyone taking it has to be ready for it. It is taken in a form of smoke and the whole journey lasts only 15-30 minutes. The vapour of a glandular excretion of the bufo alvarius toad contains pure 5-meo-DMT. A full dose of that will show you what is beyond normal human experience. Here is a description of my own experience with it. Meeting Divine Eye to Eye

By inhaling this medicine, one experiences a very deep release, deconstruction or “ego death.” It’s a reset where many old patterns get dropped. This voyage gives you exactly what you need. One comes back elevated, illuminated and grateful, with eyes shining like stars. The effects of this medicine can be felt months afterwards. It has the potential to transform your life to become more harmonious, free, balanced, expansive and loving. There is plenty of information about it on YouTube. I recommend watching these videos:

There is a facebook group where people share their toad medicine experiences. You can apply to join it here.

Please do your own research and learned everything you can before even registering for the retreat.


The other medicine is magic mushrooms, called San Juan. They are also known by another name- golden healers. These mushrooms impart a very light, healing trip, in a happy way and will help to ground and expand the participant after taking the toad medicine. The psilocybin found in mushrooms heals depression and anxiety, as many studies report. They are best when taken on your own, in a safe environment, for self-exploration. They can be taken in a group too, but for the best effect, it’s a personal journey into your own being.


The Ajna Light

Narimantas will be giving everyone individual Ajna Light sessions which last about 20- 30 minutes. You just lie down with the eyes closed and the light frequencies take you for a ride. (If you have epilepsy the light will not be suitable for you.)

The Ajna Light was created by Guy Harriman. It is best to listen to what he has to say about it. Here is a short intro video.

And here is a very good interview.

I wrote about my experience with the Ajna light on the following blog:


Sound Healing

There is much to say about this tool. I have been using this one a lot. Sound vibrations, frequencies, affect everything. Vibration is energy and being exposed to it realigns, recalibrates and clears the field of energy that is the body and what surrounds it. Certain sounds have been proven to have healing properties. Those sounds affect brain waves and we resonate with them, achieving higher states of consciousness. It’s a very effective tool for the exploration of consciousness.



Flower Healing

Angie is bringing in Flower Healing therapy. It’s a mix of breath meditation, light massage, essential oils of Mexican healing flowers, and surrounding elements. This healing is to strengthen the connection with Mother Earth. It’s 25min treatment to prepare for the soul journey. Angie uses the essence of raindrop massage technique as a tool to provide a healthy balance to the body. Essential oils also stimulate the nerves and the re-growth of tissue. The oils are dropped onto the patient’s body from approximately six inches above the spine.

Angie is a very soft, flower girl, radiating joy and her presence is light and full of laughter. Her therapies work on subtle levels and if that is a tool you would like to include in your journey, she will be there. She also sings!


Right Nutrition

This is very important for well-being and health, so we will have nutritious and delicious meals. The owners are French, people who know a few things about cooking. The breakfast will be made from local produce, all fresh fruit and vegetables, home made marmalades, eggs, smoothies and other healthy options. If you have a food requirement, we should be able to accommodate it.

“If there is one thing that I do fancy to share with you; this is my love of good food and the taste for the culinary journey.” Géraldine, the creator of our retreat facility



For one week we will be living in the jungle so expect the basics and maybe some more. There will be separate rooms that accommodate up to four people. Each room has it’s own bathroom with shower, air conditioning and ceiling fans. The rooms are not big, but very clean and comfortable. They are pretty and have a boutique-style design. There are double beds, single beds and bunk beds. The price of your stay depends on the accommodation you choose. You can have a private room just for yourself, a shared room with a double bed for a couple, or 3 single beds. You can share the room with another 2 – 3 people, which is a budget option. Keep in mind that you won’t be spending much time in your room. There is a swimming pool and a sandy area to relax in, just outside the house. There is also a real cenote- a natural cavern with very clean, cool, water for our refreshment. The owners are building a spa on the site and they said it will be ready for October. I guess it’s a cherry-on-top surprise. Using the spa is not included in the cost of the retreat, but it’s great to have the option if anyone wants to use it.

The program, as it stands now, is subject to adjustment. There will be some structured activities that we all do and there will be others, with enough free time for you to engage in your own exploration. All is subject to free flow and there may be spontaneous changes as we evolve as a group.


The Daily Program

Arrival time is Monday the 2nd, between 2pm and 4pm. If you come to Mexico a couple of days before, you can easily find accommodations on The location of the retreat is between Akumal and Tulum. It’s less than two hours away by car from the Cancun airport. If you arrive on the day of the retreat, it’s easy to get a transfer from the airport to Chemuil. The best website I’ve found so far is You can book return transfers for a surprisingly good price.

On Monday night we will have time to settle in, get acquainted, explore the area, have a dinner and rest.

Tuesday is settling in day. Each morning we will start with a sunrise meditation on the roof, followed by breakfast at 9 am. There will be a short group meeting, providing info for the day.

Then we ease gently into the retreat experience, commencing with Ilona holding a 2-hour, direct pointing session. After that we will have free time and lunch.  Between lunch and dinner, we will spend time on the beach, swimming in the soothing and healing waters of the Caribbean. That, from my experience, is one of the best treatments you can get. The sand here is white and soft so walking barefoot is a delight. After dinner, we will have sound healing and an Ajna Light session.

Wednesday is activation day. Like the day before we will have a sunrise meditation and a delicious breakfast followed by a short meeting. On this day we will start working with Misty, the top expert on body movement, releasing trauma through dance and bringing awareness to the body. This will help so much to make the medicine journey deeper. We will get to connect to authentic movement and to each other in dance. Her session is 90 min long. This will be followed by lunch.

After lunch there will be a 1.5 hour, group-work session with Ilona of direct pointing and deep looking and some free time.

At around four o’clock we will go to a different place for a sweat lodge. This too, is a really good preparation, as it intensively detoxifies and gets one ready for a smoother journey. It does get crazy hot in the temascal, as locals call it, but it feels very refreshing afterward. We will all go to a nearby facility for that, where there is also a cenote to swim in, so it’s an ideal pairing.  We will have dinner afterward and then we can all sit around the fire and relax.

During Tuesday and Wednesday, you will have an individual Ajna Light session of up to 30 minutes. Ilona will be offering one-on-one deep Looking sessions. You can also book a Flower Healing therapy with Angie or use the spa at your own expense. This will be the same for Friday and Saturday.

Thursday is the journey day. We will have our usual meditation and a light breakfast on the beach. After that we will start with the Sapito Ceremony, led by Ya Huama and assisted by Demetrio and Angie. They will be able to answer all your questions about the process and how to make the best of it. We will have a whole day for this and you will have enough time to spend with yourself afterwards to integrate the experience. Then we’ll have dinner and sit by the fire again. It’s a full moon night so the view from the roof should be spectacular. It will be nice to have a full moon celebration in whatever free form that may take. We may just hold hands together, enjoying the moment.

Friday is a day for integration. As before, we will have meditation, breakfast and then we will gather to share our experiences with the Sapito. Then we’ll have lunch and free time ‘till the evening. This may be a good time to go to the beach. This is a rest and relaxation day with delicious foods. After the dinner, we will dance with Misty and sit by the campfire again.

Saturday is a day for going deeper, or the continuation of your shamanic journey, if you wish. We will have another medicine, that will be a great tool at this point to aid in our transformation. After breakfast, we will have a direct pointing session with Ilona. This will be followed by lunch and another period of free time. It will be up to you when you want to take the mushroom journey. Daytime is recommended. We will have dinner, dance and Ajna Light in the evening.

Sunday is a field trip day. After meditation and breakfast, we will go to explore a Mayan pyramid and 2 cenotes. The pyramid is an hour away. There are cenotes to have a refreshing swim and we will have lunch out. We will go back to the retreat for dinner, after which we will have our last meeting,  sharing about our experiences. This will be our last night on the retreat.

Monday morning we will have breakfast, pack and depart. We will have to vacate the facility by noon, so book your transfers for a time before twelve.

I hope this sounds like a fun, exotic and life-enriching event to you too and I look forward to seeing you at the retreat!


Accommodations and Prices in US Dollars

Each room has its own bathroom and shower.

  • Single occupancy, double bed- $2150
  • Double occupancy, sharing a room with 1 double bed or 2 twin beds- $1950
  • Triple occupancy, sharing a room with 2 other people, a double bed and a single or three single beds- $1800
  • Quadruple occupancy, a room with one queen size bed and a bunk bed- $1700

To book your place please send an email to Ilona

You can pay by direct bank transfer or by PayPal here:

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